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Jerome Washington

English Teacher, Author

Hello Reader! Here's a little information about yours truly.

I was born in Detroit in 1992. Living in  Lublin since 2014, I am currently expanding my knowledge and experience as an English teacher. I am a huge advocate of No Stress, No Pressure because I feel that in these crazy times, we really have to take every day one day at a time. Opposing to always stressing about the unknown, we should appreciate what we have now. 

Aside from teaching English, I absolutely enjoy watching American Football (GO LIONS!!!). I also enjoy playing Madden and chess. 

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The Tide Turns

How do you move forward to the future, when your present is chained to the past?

I, DeShawn, find myself at that very crossroad because there is something I want, but can’t have. A forbidden desire. Something that seems easily obtainable, yet forever out of reach. All because of a haunting past that continuously torments me.

Because in this chapter that is my life, people come and people go. People want you and people don’t. People use you and you use them. Why waste time on something that could never be? No matter how many times our paths may indeed cross.

No matter how many times The Tide Turns.

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Moments of the Chosen

An average high school girl taking her first steps for the first time in her life. A young man taking a journey to a city he had never dreamed he would ever see. A young lady who is feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders due to the pressure of trying to pass a class.  A man that has everything he could ever want, yet he is in constant fear of his life. These stories and more are a collection of thought-provoking series of events that will immerse you in their lives, their emotions, and their dilemmas. These are the Moments of the Chosen.

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Moments of the Chosen Reviews

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One of the best books I've ever read! The chapters are very well structured in some fascinating, different stories. Very different points of view, it may seem like each chapter was written by another person.

Daria T.

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Plac Teatralny 1, 20-029 Lublin

Puławska 140, 02-624 Warszawa

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Create a Let's Talk Account Today

I'm proud to announce I have a partnership with Let's Talk - Conversation Cards. Let's Talk are cards that will no doubt enhance your speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills. I use their cards every chance I get in my lessons. Some of my personal favorites are What Should I Do, Extreme Choices, and Phrasal Verbs.

If you would like to gain free VIP materials, including my critically acclaimed story Snail (in English) with the full audio included, as well as questions prepared by me and Let's Talk that will enhance your experience with this story, all you have to do is create an account. It is 100% free. Once you have done that, just check the VIP Section and be sure to check out all the sensational materials Let's Talk has to offer. I will be releasing more materials through their site in the future, so don't be afraid to click that checkbox to join their mailing list so that you will have updates and access to everything Let's Talk and myself have to offer you.


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