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Well Hello September!

What’s good with it?

September is a time of new beginnings for a lot of people. For some it is the end of vacation and returning to work. For younger people it is the start of a fresh school year. For me it is indeed a return to work (as well as the beginning of a new NFL Season – Go Lions!).

One thing that I have embedded into my students minds is starting this new school year off hot. Now this is something I’m sure students and teachers alike try to aim for. To do class and homework in a timely fashion, to not fall behind, to stay proactive and not procrastinate and so on. Some goals are easier to accomplish than others.

I’d like to throw my hat into the fire and offer my feedback and my mindset heading into the new school year.

To start, it’s only September… I’m not even going crazy and setting super lofty plans and goals that I know will probably flop the moment things hectic. Instead my approach at least until December is to take this school year one month at a time. I’ve informed my students the plans for the school year, while at the same time, taking their wishes and ideas into consideration. I do plan to implement more reading throughout the school year. I’ll even be giving a presentation about why reading books is ever so important at the 31st International IATEFL Poland Conference Poznań – I’ll talk more about this experience in a future blog.

So, with my goal of encouraging my students to read more set, I’m not aiming to go crazy with anything else. There’s no need. Students already have enough on their plate as is, no need for me to overfill. And that’s the advice I’ve given my students. Set their own personal plans and goals. Keep it simple and realistic and go from there.

For myself personally, my only goal is to get the second book published before December 2022. I only have small, yet important matters to attend to when it pertains to the book. While I’m waiting for those objectives to be completed. I’m immersing myself in my Polish studies and connecting with my students as much as possible. I’m not competing with other people I see in the world or in social media. It can be tempting to rush things because other people are having their moment in the sun. But patience is key – it sucks I know – but it’s worth the wait. Though it doesn’t mean you have to wait forever. Being assertive in some areas is key too if you want your tasks to be finished in a timely fashion.

At the end of the day, this fall season is the perfect time to grind so that when December comes around, we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. This is your world. You are the main character. Other people are NPCs that will help you on your journey or stand in your way. The best thing about being the MC, you walk right past those NPCs that are blocking you from your purpose and work with the people that will aid you – and vice versa.

I wish everyone a great season of fall. Let’s get to work.

Until I see you again,

Stay gucci.

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