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The Tide Turns - Paperback + Ebook

The Tide Turns - Paperback + Ebook

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How do you move forward to the future, when your present is chained to the past?


I, DeShawn, find myself at that very crossroad because there is something I want, but can’t have. A forbidden desire. Something that seems easily obtainable, yet forever out of reach. All because of a haunting past that continuously torments me.


Because in this chapter that is my life, people come and people go. People want you and people don’t. People use you and you use them. Why waste time on something that could never be? No matter how many times our paths may indeed cross.


No matter how many times The Tide Turns.



  • The paperbackbook comes with both the English text and Polish translations (Polish on the left page and English on the right page), whereas the ebook has English in the front and the Polish translations in the back.
  • Link to ebook will be sent to the email provided


  • Paperback Page Count


  • Paperback Dimensions


  • Ebook File Format


  • Language

    English, Polish


    • Paperback has the Polish Translation on the left page and the original text on the right page
    • Ebook has the complete English text in the front and the Polish translation in the back.
  • ISBN

    Paperback: 978-83-958493-3-6

    Ebook: 978-83-958493-4-3

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